Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

The sheriff is not as forgiving as I am.

The first Pro Pinball title I properly played, Big Race USA follows the story of a taxi from Noo Yawk making the trip cross-country to compete in...well...the Big Race. The one that happens to take place in the USA. Wouldyerbeleevit.

This game is ace. The Pro Pinball games are fantastic examples of virtual pinball, and BRUSA is no exception. It takes a totally different art direction to its predecessors, which were concerned more with dark sci-fi; instead, we're now in the realm of cartoon, almost Hanna-Barbera-esque characters. The voice-acting is stupidly over-the-top, as it should be in a pinball table, and it's designed such that each ramp and orbit feels like you're driving around some kind of crazy spaghetti junction.


  • Windows
  • Barnstorm Games
  • 31st December, 1998